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Homebrew [SNES Mini] Le set KMFDManic Core/Bios/HMOD pour NES et SNES Mini

laurent68 ™

Ancien Staff
Ancien Staff
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3 Avril 2016
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Le développeur KMFDManic nous propose de découvrir son set, un ensemble de programmes, qui permet d'intégrer tous les cores fonctionnels, les bios, et les HMOD destinés à la NES Mini et à la Super NES Mini.

Dans sa dernière version, il a fixé les noyaux qui étaient cassés, il va désormais s’atteler à réparer les fichiers sources. Le set NESC / SNESC Core / Bios / HMOD Set est entièrement fusionné (filtre Minus nesc) pour fonctionner à la fois avec la NES Mini ainsi qu'avec la SNES Mini.

UPDATE 10-26-17

Massive Refactoring and Updating of nearly every Core! FBA is now designated as FBA2016, so as to avoid confusion on the difference between FBA & FBA2012, as far as which is newer and which is older! If you previously had issues running games on FBA, things should be much better now with the Updated Code! Neo-Geo Bios configurations also adjusted for this change:)

UPDATE 10-24-17

For those who want to dual use Gambatte & MGBA, I added extra command lines for both, so they can be dual used! /bin/gambatte & /bin/mgba for dual usage:) Major Core Update Incoming Tomorrow:)

UPDATE 10-23-17 - V2

Atari 5200 Support Added (Atari800 Core:)

UPDATE 10-23-17 - V1

Updated SNES9x (Now has support for the newly fan translated Tengai Makyou Zero: Far East of Eden and RTC support for the SPC7110 Chip:) PicoDrive is updated to 1.92!, and now sram saves work! Thanks notaz for the great Code Changes! MAME 2003 with System 32 Support is now in the Extras & Dependencies Folder. Current MAME 2003, with additional support for "More" Games, is in Main Folder now. Hyper Street Fighter II, Metal Slug 4, Windjammers (Yes, finally!), Sengoku 3, King of Fighter 2000, DonPachi, Vasara 2 , and many others now function on MAME 2003! Enjoy the absolutely amazing compatibility update for MAME 2003! Atari Lynx (Handy) was also updated. Final Burn Alpha Updated. Updated the Filters in Extreme RetroArch in Extras & Dependencies Folder. Added 8bitdo firmware that is compatible with both NESC/SNESC. As always, I recommend uninstalling any previous Cores, then deleting from your User Mods folder, and replacing with these! Enjoy today's update!

UPDATE 10-21-17 - V2

Added MAME 2014 Core! It favorably handles 7zip Compression! It is also a little bit of a space drainer, and somewhat cpu intensive. But, it is a good option for certain games that cannot run on MAME 2002/2005/2010. Added NEC PC-98 Core (NP2kai), which is a nice computer with many great games! Updated Info Files. And, lastly, did some refactoring of code. Uninstall RetroArch + any SNES9x Cores, and Install these Updated ones:) Enjoy today's second update! And, have fun with the MAME 2014 Core!

UPDATE 10-21-17 - V1

Updated Cluster's Save State Fix into RetroArch. Saves are no longer 2 Mb! The snapshots are now compressed. Remember, if you do not see save states within Save State Manager, and do not mind ridding of them, you can use Factory Restore Settings from the actual Mini NES/SNES, itself! It will do absolutely no harm to your folders/games. It only wipes out save states and sram saves! I also updated Stella (Atari 2600). And, finally FCEUMM is updated, too! I can confirm SNES9x does, in fact, run BSX-Satellaview Games! But, some of them, such as F-Zero Grand Prix 1-4, require special patches to bypass the intro screens, unfortunately. Enjoy the Update!

UPDATE 10-20-17

Updated ProSystem, Fuse, Game & Watch, MGBA, RetroArch to 1.6.7. With Newer RetroArch, you may need to manually exit RetroArch if Home Button/Reset Shortcut does not function properly! I had to do it once, then was able to use home button after that:). In Core Information there is an option to Delete Cores right from there! I would NOT use this option til it is further tested and deemed safe to use. Hakchi is still the best current way to uninstall Cores. Lastly, I added SNES9x 1.54.1, as well as Dual Core'd it in Dependencies & Extras Folder. Let's hope we can run some MSU-1 & more BSX-Satellaview Games, amongst other things!, with this update:)

UPDATE 10-18-17

Updated FMSX To Main Set, along with ReadMe, and Fceumm in RetroArch. Note: With FMSX Save Core Override must be used to keep selected controller upon reboot

UPDATE 10-17-17

Updated FBA. And, per request, updated FMSX. But, due to unreliability with controller configuration sticking. Controller needs reselected upon every exit to gui and back into an msx/msx game. As a result, it has been placed into Dependencies & Extras Folder, unless further testing deems it otherwise. The other FMSX is inside Main Release, as it is more stable (controller wise), for now.

UPDATE 10-16-17

Updated Genesis Plus GX, FBA 2012, Fceumm in RetroArch, Added FDS Bios Support, Added MAME 2003 Variant which can run KI/KI2 (albeit very slowly!). This Variant is located in the Dependencies & Extras Folder. Due to the MAME 2003 that is in main set, being able to run Sega System 32 Games, the KI/KI2 capable one will not be replacing it. It is just there for testing purposes.

UPDATE 10-15-17

Added Dependencies & Extras Folder, which includes the requested put back of the Dual-Cores for SNES9x 2002/2005/2010.

UPDATE 10-14-17

Retroarch Extreme Filters now work on both the NESC/SNESC! (CRT Filter no longer needed to take advantage of the additional filters! Remember! CRT Filter ONLY works on NESC!)

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